What's your holiday hearing wishlist? 


i wish my family would stop mumbling

If it sounds like everyone around you is always mumbling, you may need to get your hearing checked. Often times people who report "muffled" hearing or complain that those around them are mumbling are actually suffering from high-frequency hearing loss–this simply means they are no longer hearing high-pitched sounds as well as they once were. You might be reading that, thinking: "So what? I don't want to hear things that are high-pitched–they are typically unpleasant." but, with high-frequency hearing loss, we lose the ability to distinguish consonant sounds such as s, th, f, and sh. 


i wish my ears would stop ringing

When you have tinnitus, you may hear a ringing, clicking, swooooshing, or other type of noise that seems to originate from inside your ear, not from outside your body. Don't panic! Not every instance of noise inside your ear means that you definitely have hearing loss–congestion from a cold, ear wax build-up, or every stress can cause the sounds you're hearing. But wouldn't you rather know if you were losing your hearing while you still have enough time to help improve the situation? 


i just wish i could hear for the holidays

Losing your hearing means losing a connection with your loved ones–and nobody wants that. Let Dr. Jennifer Sowards help you be as close to your family this holiday season as you can be. 

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