Hearing is a gift. 

When we lose that gift, we lose a vital piece of our lives. Without clearly hearing sounds we burn cookies in the oven, we misunderstand speech, and we forget our appreciation for fizzy water. While it is true that we all must grow older, we don't have to do it in silence. 


At Florence Hearing Health Care, we work with you to understand your hearing challenges and determine a solution that helps you stay connected to your world. 

To start, we'll take you through the steps of a hearing evaluation–in which we combine the power of medical technology (i.e. state of the art machines) with genuine human compassion to form a full picture of your needs before moving to the next step: recommending a treatment plan.

We know purchasing hearing devices is a significant investment and making the decision to buy them may seem intimidating. With nearly two decades of experience helping patients select the hearing technology that is best for them, Dr. Sowards answers all your questions (even the embarrassing ones) without biases, in order to get you fitted with the best product for your lifestyle. 

Getting started with us on your hearing improvement journey is easy. Contact us today to get started.


Visit us at our Florence office Monday - Friday, 9am-3:30pm or call us 413-776-1700.