Holiday Hearing Wishlist:

  1. I wish my family would stop mumbling.

  2. I wish I could understand the television at the volume my family sets for themselves.

  3. I wish my ears would stop ringing.

  4. I wish I could clearly understand my grandchildren’s stories about school.

  5. I wish understanding conversations while opening gifts wasn’t so difficult.

  6. I just wish I could hear!

Dealing with hearing loss during the holiday season can be challenging, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. Schedule your visit today and make all of your holiday hearing wishes come true!

Your guide to holiday hearing success:

  1. Locate a quiet space to have a discussion, especially if you know it'll be lengthy or meaningful.

  2. Notify the party host before you get there. You'll want to make sure you're not put on the spot, or embarrassed about your hearing loss, so having an ally can really help.

  3. Remember to position yourself at the dinner table so your "good side" is more toward the conversation.

  4. Look for a well-lit spot. If you're used to lip-reading, you don't want to be in a candlelit room. Seek out bright areas for carrying on conversations.

  5. Get your hearing checked! These are all quick and easy tips for making it through the holidays, but they're not long-term sustainable fixes. Remember, better living through better hearing. Call us today!