The Connection Between Hearing & Brain Health

A lot of times people don’t realize the links between hearing and cognition. Hearing aids can do more than just improve hearing. They can help with balance, anxiety, and general quality of life. However, many people don’t realize there is a connection between hearing loss and brain health – more specifically with memory.

When hearing loss occurs in people of all ages, areas of the brain devoted to other senses like vision or touch will actually take over the areas of the brain which normally process hearing. It’s called cross-modal cortical reorganization, which is reflective of the brain’s tendency to compensate for the loss of other senses. The brain basically adapts to a loss by rewiring itself, but can have a seriously detrimental effect on cognition.

Join Dr. Sowards and Meghan of Chikmedia as they discuss the connections between hearing and brain health on this month’s Facebook live.

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