New Year Healthy Hearing Resolutions

We would like to start with a warm and happy New Year!

Like most New Years Resolutions, it’s important to look back and questions those things related to hearing loss and what could have contributed. There are a few things you can do to help look back and see where the hearing problem could have began.

Family History

If you or someone you know is having hearing/communication problems, one thing you can easily do is assess the family history. Does earring problems occur in the family? Even if the family doesn’t have a hearing device, it doesn’t mean you didn’t need to speak up to them or were simply just unaware they had a device on. We as people sometimes feel ashamed with needing help and don’t often tell people, even family members. So ask around and see what, if any, hearing problems run in the family.

Noise Exposure

If someone has worked in a loud factory or loud equipment, musicians or people who listen to music loudly regularly, that can certainly contribute. Noise exposure can also happen at large gathering, like family holidays, where there are a lot of people talking and clarity can be an issue.

Watch the video below to learn what you can do if you do think you are having hearing problems: