Signs of Hearing Loss in Your Loved Ones

Today more than 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss rarely occurs overnight. Hearing loss is commonly referred to as an invisible health condition and the process can take months or years. Since it often happens gradually, the symptoms can be subtle or easy to miss. In this Facebook Live session, we're talking about the signs of hearing loss in your loved ones. Have you been noticing differences? They may not be as harmless as they seem.

Hearing loss can be difficult for someone to admit they are facing it.  Unfortunately, whether it is through the inability to recognize it, or from just being stubborn enough to admit it’s there, sometimes hearing loss can go untreated for a long time. 

Signs of Hearing Loss

Below are some tips you can use to identify if your loved one needs to get their hearing checked.

  1. They complain of ringing or buzzing in their ears

  2. The TV volume is turned up loud

  3. They constantly ask you to repeat what you said

  4. They shout when speaking

  5. They have difficulty following the conversation when in groups

  6. They complain that you mumble, when you don't

  7. They get flustered in public

  8. They've mentioned ear pain

If you or someone you know has noticed one or more of these early warning signs, Dr. Sowards recommends that you speak with your primary care physician or contact us to schedule an appointment. Hearing loss can be caused by aging, infection, abnormal bone growth, earwax buildup, or a tumor. If your doctor suspects your hearing loss is linked to aging (which is the most common cause of hearing loss) or nerve cell damage from exposure to loud noise, you'll need a hearing test to determine the type and severity of loss. Your doctor may order a hearing test directly or refer you to an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist). Contact us if you have any questions.